Travelling back, moving forward

Down the

Roots of Humankind

Do you ever wonder WHY we travel? What do we really seek when we leave behind our busy lives to “disconnect”?

We are living in extraordinary times, but in trying to keep up with the ever-increasing pace of new technologies, we have lost touch with the rhythms of Nature, and consequently also with the wisdom of our ancestors, intrinsically linked to those rhythms since time immemorial. 

What if Travel offered us a key to reverse this trajectory?

Imagine immersing yourself in the daily life of a remote community, living the local traditions, and reconnecting with the roots of our shared humanity.

The Kind Human approach is immersive and reciprocal — you will give back to your hosting community while learning about ancient knowledge and techniques. You will slow down, go deeper, and ultimately rewire the natural bond with Mother Earth which defines us as Humans.

rewire the natural bond with Mother Earth


We Are the ReGeneration

Going back to the roots of civilization and humanity isn’t just a gimmick to us. We truly believe that reconnecting with the past will give us the perspective we need to envision a better future.

Even more, we think that there’s something to gain for everyone in this exchange, first and foremost for the communities that host us. It is in their interest that Kind Human exists, not the other way around.

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Only by reconnecting to our past can we hope to shape a better future


Kind Human Experiences

Kind Human facilitates immersive experiences in small, remote communities around the world, and scientific expeditions exploring the shared roots of humankind.

Our pilot project was born in collaboration with the people of Choquecancha, an isolated village sitting on an archaeological site in Peru’s Lares Valley, a couple of hours away from the more famous Sacred Valley and almost on the edge of the Amazon rainforest.

Here, the entire system of social relations is still run by the principle of Ayni, or reciprocity in the native language Quechua.

I never thought travel could be such a deeply transformative experience. What I gained these days is nothing you can put in words - but one thing is for sure, I will cherish it forever.

MARCO B. - kind human guest

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