The members of the communities we visit are true Teachers to us

our ethos

At Kind Human, we recognize how delicate the balances that hold up a community and an ecosystem are. Wherever we go, we move around in the most careful way and always behind the guidance of local people. It is critical for us to clarify that our intention is not to help or do charity work for people less fortunate than ourselves – if anything, the opposite.

The members of the communities we visit are true Teachers to us, and all our work starts with understanding with them whether and how our visits can benefit the community.

Shared decision-making

We consider it crucial to include the host community in all decision-making related to our activities - after all, our experiences are inextricably linked not only to consensus, but to the genuine desire of the community to share their stories and daily activities with us. We always make sure to do the good of the whole community and not single individuals.

Leave no trace

In setting up our experiences, we follow the mantra "leave no trace." Our camps are built in such a way that they can be dismantled without leaving a trace on the land. Where we build permanent facilities, they are community-approved facilities for community use. At Choquecancha, for example, we built a stone structure that we use as a communal space for guests during our experiences, and as a space for holding community activities and workshops during the rest of the year. We always use local raw materials and labour as much as possible, and we support a circular economy that minimizes waste and encourages reuse. Incidentally, host communities serve as our teachers in this regard too.

Social responsibility - Ayni

At Kind Human, we practice “Ayni”, which means “reciprocity” or “fair exchange” in the ancient Quechua language of the Incas. This means that when you travel with us, we encourage you to find your unique way to express gratitude and give back to the community. Sharing your stories with the locals can be an excellent way to leave your mark. No matter what talents or skills you have, there’s always something we can share and teach with one another.

Education & development

Let us stress this again - if anybody needs education, we believe it’s Us, not the people we are visiting. Or at least, not only. Besides our travel experiences, we strive to find more tangible ways to protect and share ancient knowledge. For example, we organize workshops and lectures about ancient arts and techniques. But what’s more important, we want to empower our hosting communities so that they themselves can find value in sharing their wisdom with us. Based on their needs and desires, we offer them free classes in subjects such as English, economy and hospitality. We also sit on the board of Amantani, an NGO which supports young scholars from the Peruvian Andes getting access to high-quality education and fair employment.

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