immersive journeys to the roots of civilization

Kind Human’s expeditions are nothing like any regular trip. They are intended to be portals to the ancient wellspring of wisdom that shaped humanity. Led by world-class archaeologists and researchers, these journeys back in time are designed to delve deep into the legacy and the mystery of old civilizations, and to open our minds to whole new perspectives on the history of humanity.

Get ready for an experience unlike any other as Cusco and the Sacred Valley of the Incas unveil their enigmatic allure. 

We will wander down cobblestone streets that echo tales of ancient glory and marvel at the architectural genius that brought Cusco to life – a masterpiece sculpted in stone yet aligned with the Universe. 

We’ll witness the jaw-dropping carved precision of colossal building blocks, silent witnesses of the superb skill from this ancient world. It will be thrilling to discover the captivating stories these walls hold, as we unlock the secrets behind their construction and the sacred significance they held for the original builders.

You’ll even experience the largest sundial in the Americas, designed to eternally align with the solstices and equinoxes in a dance of light and eternal harmony.

From glaciers carving through majestic mountains to lush jungles pulsing with life, nature unfolds here in all its splendour. And when night falls, a canopy of stars ignites the sky, revealing a breathtaking spectacle for stargazers.  

Kind Human:

Cusco & Sacred Valley Expedition (8D/7N)

  • Day 1 Welcome

    Our adventure starts in Cusco, heart of the Inca Empire. We will pick you up at the airport and transfer you to the hotel. A welcome dinner and an introductory lecture will set the tone for the mesmerising journey back in time that’s ahead of us.

  • Day 2 Cusco

    In the morning we will uncover Cusco's history and mystery on a one-of-a-kind city tour, exploring the city’s enigmatic founding, star-aligned layout, and layered history. In the afternoon we will dive deep into Sacsaywaman's engineering marvel, followed by stargazing at the Cusco Planetarium.

  • Day 3 Pisac

    Departing Cusco today, we will travel to the Sacred Valley, stopping along the way for a visit to Pisac ruins. After a local Pachamanca lunch, we'll have a free afternoon to enjoy our lodge and its magnificent natural surroundings. The evening concludes with a lecture on the ancient astronomical Qosqo.

  • Day 4 Ollantaytambo

    Today, prepare to visit another two jewels of ancient architectural mastery - the archaeological site of Ollantaytambo with its massive and detailed structures, and the enigmatic complex of Naupa Iglesia, still unknown to most.

  • Day 5 Pumamarka

    An early wake-up call will allow us to witness a magical sunrise over Pacaritampu, South America's largest sundial, aligned with the equinoxes and solstices. We will continue with gentle hike to Pumamarka archaeological site, enjoying breathtaking views along the way. Return to Ollantaytambo for lunch and afternoon at leisure.

  • Day 6 Inca Trail

    Gear up! Today we're trekking 12km on the Inca Trail, reaching Machu Picchu citadel through the Sun Gate. Be ready for an incredible dance with Nature, culminating with the once-in-a-life emotion of Machu Picchu’s reveal. A well-deserved rest in these magical surroundings will be in order upon our arrival.

  • Day 7 Machu Picchu

    Exploring Machu Picchu at the culmination of all we have learned over the past few days will be an experience that is nothing short of magical and incomparably richer than that of a typical tourist. Guided by a world-class expert, we will hike Huayna Picchu in the morning, and visit Machu Picchu citadel in the early afternoon. We will be back in Cusco in time for dinner.

  • Day 8 Farewell

    Enjoy some good rest this morning, with an option to visit a museum. Our journey will end with a farewell meal, and a transfer back to Cusco airport.

What’s included?

Price: $3880,- USD p.p. (double occupancy)

Group size: MAX. 12 PP per group

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For the first time in my life, history wasn't a string of dates; it was a living, breathing testament to human potential in harmony with the environment, connecting past, present and future.