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Sitting at an altitude of 3225m, Choquecanhca is a remote village in the Lares Valley, deep in the Peruvian Andes, just where the majestic peaks and boundless expanses of the plateau gradually give way to the sub-tropical vegetation of the neighbouring rainforest.

We first visited Choquecancha in 2003 while on a research expedition along the ancient Inka Trail, and have been back several times per year ever since, drawn by the timeless charm of the village, which preserves some of the most magical traditions of the ancient Andean culture.

The hospitality with which we were welcomed from day one, and then the strength of the bonds we have created over the years have been profoundly transformative experiences for us.

In recent decades, the community has suffered a gradual and steady depopulation, largely due to the lack of resources for the younger generation, who prefer to move to the city and the comforts of modern life.

It was the urgency to support the community and create a development model focused on preserving the unique, thousand-year-old traditions of Choquecancha that laid the foundation for the birth of Kind Human.

The community members are true Masters to us, and it is in their service that we exist, not the other way around. We move each step with deep appreciation, humility, and a commitment to mutual benefit (Ayni), confident that this experience can be a profoundly impactful one for all subjects involved.

Welcome to Choquecancha, and thank you for being part of our Journey!

Kind Human:

Choquecancha Experience (12D/11N)

  • Day 1 Welcome to Choquecancha

    Depart from Cusco in the morning, visit the stunning archaeological site of Ancasmarca en route. In the afternoon, reach Choquecancha and receive a guided orientation to the ancient town.

  • Day 2 Farming, Seeding, Earthing

    Learn about ancient farming practices, traditional cooking techniques, and the thousand-year traditions of the Choquecancha people.

  • Day 3 Honoring the Animals

    Explore local farms and learn about traditional sheep and alpaca-herding practices. We will participate in an offering to the ancient gods and appreciate the importance of these animals to the Andean people.

  • Day 4 Spinning, Dyeing, Weaving

    Join the local artisans for a hands-on workshop on traditional weaving and textiles. You’ll also learn the deep connection between these artisanal practices and Andean astronomy.

  • Day 5 Medicinal Plants

    Build an Andean sundial while learning more about ancient astronomy. In the afternoon, explore medicinal plants and take part in a coca leaf ceremony with the local healer, Valentin T’ito.

  • Day 6 Ayni

    Spend a day giving back to the community and honoring the ancient reciprocal practice of Ayni.

  • Day 7 Reflection & Farewell

    As we bid farewell to the people of Choquecancha, we take the time to reflect on everything we learnt these days. We will express gratitute to the Pachamama with a traditional ceremony.

  • Day 8 Pumamarka

    Leave Choquecancha and reach the archeological site of Pumamarka. Reach Ollantaytambo and enjoy a small orientation hike.

  • Day 9 Ollantaytambo

    Visit the impressive Ollantaytambo pyramid. After lunch at a local restaurant, hike to the mystical Inka temple of Ñaupa Iglesia.

  • Day 10 Machu Picchu

    Today is the day. Reaching the citadel of Machu Picchu at the culmination of all we have learned over the past few days will be an experience that is nothing short of magical and incomparably richer than that of a typical tourist.

  • Day 11 Cusco

    Optional tour of Cusco in the morning. In the afternoon, visit to the stunning Sacsayhuaman, followed by a farewell dinner.

  • Day 12 Departure

    After breakfast, transfer to Cusco airport for international departure.

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Price: $3690,- USD p.p. (double occupancy)


Group size: MAX. 12 PP per group

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